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At Spice Land we offer creative Burgers & Chicken, Halal, Indian, Kebab, Pizza dishes delivered right to your door. All of our food is freshly-prepared on the premises with a lot of love, care and affection. Our customers have been coming to us for years to experience delivery done right. Browse our delicious menu of Burgers & Chicken, Halal, Indian, Kebab, Pizza dishes and have it delivered straight to your door.

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659 Hyde Road
Manchester, M125PS

Spice Land's Most Popular Items


with a subtle blend of spices including fresh ginger, sliced onions, chopped tomatoes, fresh ground spices and herbs


curry cooked with onion gravy, tomatoes, garlic and traditional spices


prepared with a greater proportion of garam spices which lends to a fiery taste and richness - hot


related to madras but involving a greater use of garlic, tomatoes, lemon, ginger and black pepper - hotter then madras


very rich preparation similar to bhuna style with fried onions


well spiced and cooked in butter with mango chutney flavour and thick gravy - mild, slightly hot, sweet and sour

Spice Land Customer Reviews

26 reviews


  • After last weeks glowing review, last nights wasn't so great. Missed an item off my order, when I rang, was told I hadn't ordered it. The food that did arrive was ok, but not as nice or as big a portion as last week, portion sizing needs more consistency. THE FOOD WAS NICE! Just a bit disappointing after last weeks meal was so good.


  • What can I really complain about... It was hot, tasty, delivered in half an hour. Chilli sauce is to die for! Thanks SpiceLand. Same time next week?


  • I ordered a meal at 2.15am on 1st nov and the latest time given was 3.15. I waited until 3.25 and stil nothing had arrived. I phoned the take out and was told nothing had been done for me. The guy apologised and offered to cook my food which he said would take 20 mins. It did take longer than 20 mins. But the food did arrive. The pizza was ok. Needed a bit more flavour. The pakoras were hard, dry and we had to leave them. The kebab meat was weird. All wet and tasteless. Overall a bad experience.


  • i would never odrer from this take away again its worse than awful. sorry but the customer care i recieved was outstanding.


  • order was delivered on time but a meal was missing contacted spice land but think the person thought i wanted to know if it was on its way and not about missing items


    Response from hungryhouse: Hi Francis, I'm really sorry to hear that your order from Spice Land was incomplete. I see that you chose to pay for this order by card. If you could please just get in touch to let us know exactly what was missing, our team will follow this up and arrange for a refund to cover the cost of any missing items.

  • they took too long to deliver and when it arrived it was cold so had to reheat it up in the microwave , and they sent the wrong drink 1 off which i dont like so that went in the bin , dont think i will be ordering from here again x


  • was informesd by the website that my food would be delivered between 7.30-8.30pm and it turned up at 9.30pm did call spiceland twice and the gentleman who answered the phone was rather rude and unhelpful and I just kept gettng fobbed off e.g your food will be with you in 7 mins never once did he apologise for the delay. When the food came it was fine but by the time it came I was so hungry I could of ate a horse.


  • When I originally called spice land to make my order the may was rude. I looked at the menu on hungry house and it had a £5 pizza deal. When I called they said this offer didn't exist. I explained I had seen the menu online and the offer was there. He still refused to beleive me so I hung up and ordered this way instead so I could get my pizza deal. Sure enough there were no issues when ordering online! I like spiceland pizza's more than most take away's in the area because they use alot of base sauce and their always sesoned well. So food was delicious only problem was my drinks were placed in the same bag as steaming hot pizzas and they were warm by the time they arrived.


  • No dips of any description with starters.


  • I always enjoy the food from spiceland, this time it was a pizza we ordered and it was great - loaded with toppings and lots of tomato base which is just how i like it. Also we always enjoy their kebabs and have ordered from there for over 10 years now.


  • Arrived when it said it would. Food was exactly what I ordered, fresh and warm. Could not fault it at all and I am a kebab expert!!!


  • the kebab meat was very poor.the salad didnt seem fresh and the small amount of chips you get with the southern fried chick was a joke


  • very tasy food as usual, well done spiceland.


  • very nice meals


  • always nice food from spiceland